Test Prep Options

Test Prep Options

There are many opportunities to help prepare you for one of the college admissions tests. These options have come across my desk, so feel free to call me with questions! 

Taking the PSAT is one of the best ways to prepare for the SAT. When scores become available, students also receive their test book and a password to online study guides to help them overcome weaknesses on the test. The PSAT is offered at MA in October each year and every sophomore and junior is encouraged to sign up. 

Laconia Adult Education offers an SAT Prep course each semester. The cost is $95 and includes a study book. It is co-taught by Laconia High School math and English teachers.  It runs for 7 weeks, one night per week from 6-9pm. Sessions typically begin in September and March. For more information, contact Peggy Selig at 524-5712.

College Board Online -  The College Board (who creates the SAT) has free practice sections and a free full-length test on their web site.  They also have an on-line course for $69.95. Using their PSAT results, students can link to practice sections selected to target their deficits. 

VLACS (The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School) has a .5 credit SAT Prep course free of charge for all NH high school students.  They require that students have completed Algebra 1 and are enrolled in Geometry at the time of enrolling.  Moultonborough Academy students who wish to pursue this option can be scheduled into the ILC (Independent Learning Center) in order to access a computer.

The Khan Academy math tutorial web site includes a wide variety of free math tutorials that align with the first edition of the College Board SAT study book.  The study book is available in the MA library as well as on line through Amazon for $4 or $5.

The Sylvan Learning Center in Concord has a variety of SAT Prep options.  They offer a 30-hour class that meets weekly that covers 3 practice tests in a small group format.   The cost is $995.  They also offer a 20-hour version that covers 2 practice tests and has more scheduling flexibility.  The cost for that option is also $995.  They offer individual instruction at the rate of $75 per hour.  The Sylvan Express class is a four-hour class over one or two sessions with flexiblescheduling for $199.  They offer an eight-hour version that includes more test-taking strategies and practice sessions in math, writing, and reading for $399.  And they also have SAT and ACT prep classes on-line for $250.

Kaplan - Kaplan is often thought of as one of the kingpins of career and college preparation. This graphical web site will get you the preparation information for virtually any standardized test. Links will provide practice questions.

In addition to information found on the web, booklets are available in the Guidance Office to register for the SAT, ACT or SAT Subject test. A practice SAT  (with answer key) is available in one book; sample SAT Subject test questions are available in another booklet, and the registration booklet covers hints and tips as well as the testing schedule. A full length ACT practice test is also available.