Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

Our vision is to prepare and empower each student to shape his or her future with knowledge,

attitudes and skills necessary to thrive in a changing world.  

Our mission is to provide a caring culture of rigorous and relevant learning experiences. We model and promote the ethical ideals of respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion and moral courage.

We succeed when our students are:
Lifelong learners,
Empowered, and
Respectful Stewards.
We Believe
Lifelong Learners:
- are active citizens of local, national and global communities.
- possess unique learning styles, personalities, capacities and talents.
- respect and honor themselves as well as others and their differences. - embrace a healthy lifestyle.

- fosters a sense of achievement.
- encompasses creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. - builds upon knowledge and experience.
- promotes growth for all learners.

Educators and Community:
- collaborate to create safe environments.
- foster a sense of spirit, pride and belonging.
- use diverse technologies as creative learning tools.
- encourage wise and ethical communication.
- forge relationships with all learners and find “the hook” for each student. - value traditions while embracing the future.

Expectations for Student Learning
Academic Expectations
• Each student will develop a core body of content, concepts, and skills needed as a foundation for learning.
• Each student will demonstrate creativity and proficiency in the cross-cutting competencies:
                        Decision making and problem solving, self-management, communication skills, collaboration, and technology/information use.
Social and Civic Expectations
• Students will model and promote the five ideals of the Moultonborough Community Charter:
                        Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion, and Moral Courage.